The DOME, an acronym for Developing Opportunities through Meaningful Education was founded in 1973 to challenge the myriad threats to youngsters who had fallen through the cracks of the traditional school system by creating an alternative school program since it's beginning,  The DOME Project has dedicated itself to meeting the complex needs of young people in trouble with the law, their schools, and themselves.  For over thirty years, The DOME has built a staff and services network that has successfully helped thousands of young people to succeed and develop the necessary skills to regain a sense of self-worth and prepare for success in their education and beyond.

The mission of The DOME Project is to assist young people who are economically, socially, and academically challenged to focus on their education as a means to success.  Our overall goal is to provide youngsters with alternatives to the negative pressures they face every day in their communities and to help them develop a healthy, positive sense of themselves as individuals who can thrive in society.  In order to meet these goals, The DOME has evolved since 1973 into a multi-faceted youth organization operating the following programs that are free and available to at-risk and disadvantaged youths from New York City.

The Bridge to Success Program, an extraordinarily successful and cost-effective effort that provides young people with counseling, court advocacy, job preparation and guidance toward educational and vocational opportunities to both prevent at-risk you from involvement with criminal activity and keep young offenders from repeat deviant behavior.  The Academic Tutoring Program continues to serve our traditional population of disadvantaged youths with distinct educational needs by pairing youths with a volunteer tutor for supervised subject specific academic sessions.  Program participants receive highly individualized educational support from their volunteer tutor often more rigorous and challenging than the work the student receives in school.  The College Access initiative successfully assists many students in gaining entry to colleges and prep schools through intensive academic support services.

The Commons seeks to build a caring, connected community consisting of supportive relationships,foster social and emotional competencies and physical well-being, provide opportunities for youth to explore their interests and creativity, build skills and competencies that support academic achievement, cultivate youth leadership and community engagement, and engage parent and other caretakers to support these goals.

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